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The Artist in the Classroom Program

During the 2020 - 2021 school year, the Artist in the Classroom program

will provide virtual learning. Lessons will be compiled for in class learners and in home learners.   


The artist and the classroom teacher will form a team

to help your child learn about art.

Students will:

  • Explore art from a variety of cultures, historical periods, and places.

  • Create art through hands-on art activities such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and more.

  • Develop critical thinking skills by observing, describing, and interpreting master artworks and their own artworks.


ArtWise is a major partner in this Grand Forks Public School District program,

providing $23,500 in 2020 to the school district in direct support for the program.

ArtWise also provides the annual elementary ArtWise Art Show. 

This is the program's 28th year in all of the Grand Forks Public elementary schools.

Parental involvement can strengthen our art program. 

Your response to your child's artwork is important to your child's overall art experience. 

Please ask your child to tell you about their artwork. 

In some classrooms the artwork is kept in a portfolio to be brought home later in the year. 

Our classroom artists hope

to help your child develop imagination and that the art instruction

will help your child perceive the world more clearly,

understanding the perspectives of other people and cultures. 

We look forward to sharing in the creativity of your child

Our Classroom Artists 2020-21:



Sheila enjoys helping children explore animal shapes. She helps them develop wonderful visual art expressions!



Kasandra Gregoire loves helping children express themselves through art, as well as help them learn about other cultures through experiencing art from around the world



Mary's favorite art lessons encourage storytelling and sometimes the student spells it right on the art!



Karla creates new projects that both excite and challenge herself and the children.



Jeanne enjoys helping children develop bold, bright paintings on canvas



Terri's favorite art lessons use a variety of tools to inspire a child's imagination.



Katie is a recent UND art department graduate. She brings new and innovative projects to her students with confidence

Thank you to all our sponsors:

This program is supported in part by a grant from the City of Grand Forks through the Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks & Region.

Art makes me feel: 

"Happy and you know that it expresses my feelings and make my mind fly like a bird and it makes me feel calm and joyful and you can draw what ever you want to. Thank you SO much for coming and I really enjoyed that." 

Elementary school student 

Art makes me feel: 

"happy because I get to do something new every time. Art also makes me feel creative because we get to make stuff that really makes me slow down and think."

Elementary school student 

Art makes me feel: 

"like I can put my feelings into my work. Art also makes me feel like something I'm actually good at. It feels good when people look at my art and say "wow that is amazing". Thank you for coming and teaching"

Elementary school student 

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