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October 5th - November 18th, 2023

Carla Ralston & Becca Cruger

Artists' Reception; Thursday October 5th

5 - 7 pm

Carla badlands (1).jpeg


Carla Ralston


"Art is important to me because it allows me to bring the images I see in my mind to life. I paint landscapes and other scenes that I would like to walk into or be part of. I love painting skies more than anything."


- Carla Ralston

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Becca D7D81FDD- (2).jpg

Becca Cruger

I often say my work becomes. Rarely do I face a canvas with a plan of action, instead the canvas tells me what it wants to be through each layer. I am a mixed media artist and muralist who finds beauty in the forgotten, the grungy, the textural, and the bold. I use vibrant colors and build layers with a variety of mediums including texture pastes, gelatos, pen, fabrics, and found or vintage objects. I almost always create with Tim Holtz Distress line of products (paints, spray stains, inks, wax crayons) which react uniquely with water, creating drips and flows that are not meant to be controlled. Aside from traditional media, I also set intentions for every artwork and bathe each canvas in energy prior to beginning the artistic process. The result is an artwork created for a purpose and my pieces find exactly who they are meant to speak to. 


- Becca Cruger

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