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Sheila Renae Dalgliesh
September 16 - October 22, 2021

I am a painter specializing in landscapes; I enjoy plein air (outside) painting using acrylic paints. 

Working outside in all conditions, using acrylic paint for it’s quick dry time and enjoying the versatility it gives me, as it can be used as a wash or impasto, I can create work quickly. My work explores the stable nature of geography as a background for the ephemeral nature of all the action, weather, life, etc. 


Being a lifelong North Dakota resident, the landscape is the main subject of my work, as I am most at home exploring it with long walks or snowshoeing adventures that inspire my work. Often in the winter, I start a painting while snowshoeing, out in the cold and wind. This is why most of my paintings are small in scale, I need a canvas that fits into my art satchel. The smaller works are often used as references to create larger works in my studio. In the summer, I enjoy setting up an outdoor studio, where I can leisurely create my work.


My work aspires to capture the atmosphere, feeling, and momentariness of experiencing the landscape. I want the viewer to feel the joy, loneliness, peace, what have you, that I may have felt in the moment.

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