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Show Closing Event

Saturday February 26th, 2 - 4 pm

UND Art Historian

Nicole Derenne

is leading conversation with


Matt Anderson&

Pirjo Berg &

Tait Simonson

Starting at 2:30 pm

The Opposite of It  Matthew Anderson 72 pix.jpg

Matt Anderson

“These drawings do not add to the power of attribution. I’m interested in how the mind tries to make sense of ambiguity. I’m focused on the conceptual language and interaction of subtle gestures, mark-making, color shifts and texture, which evolves as the work develops. My practice is intuitive and responsive to the immediate experience of making, as if playing visual music without a score.”

Matt Anderson, Director of Education at the North Dakota Museum of Art, is exhibiting abstract imagery in mixed media. He is from the small rural town of Gackle, ND. He received his BA from Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD, and his MFA from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. Matt has exhibited his works nationally and internationally and is a part of public and private collections.

Radar Images of Below.jpg

Pirjo Berg

My work is rooted in the folklore of my Finnish upbringing, and my love for geology and nature. I work in clay, oil paint and watercolors. My paintings are more about a sense of place than the physical landscape. Rather than re-creating a place or a landscape, I aim to express its abstract qualities.

Blue is dominant color in my palette, especially Ultramarine Blue mixed with Raw Umbra and other blue pigments. I find the blues also in landscape and nature: ice, snow, sky, cloud, sea, lake, river, water, distance, horizon, shadows. There is blue moment between the dusk and night; the fascinating radar profiles of ice layers; airy backlighted snow pits; scary glaziers I hiked on in Greenland hoping not to fall in crevasses. For me blue represents cold, melancholy, moodiness, memories, old photos, and photo negatives. Blue is also color of my Siamese cats’ eyes.

Lately I have been admiring the blue shadows of Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings. And remembering when I saw first time Sean Scully’s painting Sea Wall in 2004 in Finland. Klaus Kertess wrote in his book about Joan Mitchell that if she “…had had to choose but one color…certainly have been blue.” Like for Mitchell color blue is not only color but now preferred one for me too.

Yves Klein patented 1960 his own color blue: International Klein Blue (IKB). No, I am not thinking of doing that, I want to have it all, all the hues of the blues.

Pirjo Berg was born in Helsinki, Finland. In 2000, she received her BFA from the School of Art and Media, Tampere, Finland. The same year she established her studio practice in Seattle, WA. In 2005 she graduated from the Artists Trust EDGE-Program. She now lives in Grand Forks, ND.

Berg career highlights include many solo exhibitions and juried shows nation wide and internationally. 

She has been awarded residencies and grants.

Pirjo works at ArtWise and is studio member at Muddy Waters Clay Center.

#2 Breaker  72 pix Tait Simonson.jpg

Tait Simonson

It is one of Tait's strongest ideas is when marking art, you need to be able to use anything available, and sometimes that can make it interesting. He exhibits several skulls cast in concrete, resin, or both, investigating surface quality and texture. He loves to test art boundaries and make new discoveries in material usage, enjoys woodworking, metalworking, metal casting, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, and painting. He firmly believes in the idea of constant and continual improvement, learning from mistakes, and growing, art is beyond just a practice of making but something that can be incorporated into everyday life and work. Enjoys the term and idea of his practice to be that of an artificer, one that makes or contrives a devisor.



Tait Simonson is currently a teaching artist living in Buxton, North Dakota, and is teaching Art and Technology & Engineering education at Central Valley School, Buxton ND.  He received his BFA from USD in 2014, an MFA from PNCA in 2016, and a B.S. Ed. in Education from VCSU in 2019. 

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